Since 2006, Select’up has held an important place in the potato industry. Here’s some info about our role in this exciting (and tasty) industry!


Reflection and plantation

Before the season even begins, we go out into the producers’ fields to help them prepare for the year ahead. By providing advice and making suggestions on optimisation and choice of potato varieties, our technical team knows how to get the best out of the producers’ and farmers’ expertise. When spring comes, Miss Patty and her friends are carefully planted in the ground. Then the soil is piled up around the plants, to protect them from the light.


Cultivation and harvest

At the start of the summer, the crops begin to flower. They need to be watered regularly and protected from diseases and insects. After topkilling, Miss Patty quietly finishes growing. And then the big day arrives! The potatoes are harvested by machine.

Select’up analyses samples from the different crops to ensure that Miss Patty and her friends are in perfect health!


From purchase to sale

Miss Patty and her friends are now waiting to reach their next destination. Select’up then steps into its role as a trader coming between the producer and the packer. We are totally impartial!

Select’up buys high quality potato stocks to sell them on to processors and packers. Our approach is clear: we seek to respect the interests and meet the needs of all parties involved.


Storage and shipping

If some potatoes are not shipped immediately, Select’up can offer storage solutions to producers and packers. Miss Patty clearly prefers to hibernate in the fridge, away from prying eyes, in the dark, under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

Before being sent to their next destination, the potatoes are gently heated to reduce their sensitivity to shock. All these precautions guarantee excellent storage!


Transformation and packing

Miss Patty continues her adventure to an entirely new place. She will be transformed and/or packed by a processor. Select’up responds quickly to all requests (even the most demanding!). Diverse varieties, big quantities, we know how to find the right stocks to meet the needs of our European packer network.

mange frites

Distribution and tasting

Miss Patty’s journey is nearly at an end. This time, she will join the market stalls or shop shelves before garnishing the plates of appreciative food-lovers. In nets, in bags, in trays, loose … potatoes love to dress up!

At Select’up, we make sure that these conditions are always met so as to guarantee the taste, appearance and texture of Miss Patty and her friends. In short, we are the guarantors of quality potatoes for consumers!