A rigorous approach:
the key to a high quality product!

To secure significant volumes of potatoes, all the conditions have to be met to ensure they are grown to the highest standards. Select’up works with partner producers before planting even begins. Soil analysis, advice on selecting varieties, watering methods – we work in a very large field! It is this rigorous approach that guarantees high quality products with stunning flavours and tastes!

Who are we?

Tried and tested sampling methodology

In order to perfect our sampling methodology, we have listed the main standards and rules affecting our packing and processing customers. We have created an average standard by criterion, by variety and by production region that satisfies all parties involved.

Our sampling line is fully automated and equipped with a cutting-edge optical sorter. It is aligned to all of our contracts, based on the standards set by the French national potato board (CNIPT). The optical sorter precisely estimates sizes and separates out rejects.

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Our quality standards

Select’up has all the human and material resources needed to ensure your projects run smoothly. And we are always sprouting up new ideas to optimise the process. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA!

Certified crops offering even more assurance!

All our productions are traceable and certified. Crops are sourced from trusted crop houses and our team keeps a keen eye on the precious potatoes during their growth.

A cutting-edge laboratory ensuring all-round success!

Our laboratory is situated in Marboué in northern France, close to farmers and producers. It is living proof of our commitment to enhancing the skills of our loyal farmer network, thereby ensuring the quality of the stocks we supply.

Perfect understanding of the sector, guaranteeing even greater precision!

Our experience gives us a perfect understanding of the vagaries of the potato market. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing producers.

One team, one ambition: to satisfy you!

Innovation is an integral part of our work. Our team is constantly being trained, monitoring the sector and setting new challenges so that they can continue to offer you an irreproachable service!