Who are we?

Once upon a time there was Select'up...

We are potato traders who love the work we do. Above all, we like to make life and work simple for our employees. A brief overview of our ambitions!

The world of agriculture in our DNA

The story began in 2006, when Michel Dussurgey and Didier Chaplain decided to combine their strengths and expertise to create Select’up, a potato trading company. Michel, who ran a packing company for several years, and Didier, a cultivation technician, are familiar with all the issues in the agricultural world. The idea was to combine trade and technology, satisfying the needs of both farmers and packers.


Today, the adventure continues!

Select’up is thriving with Joanny Dussurgey, Michel’s son, at the helm, along with 9 committed employees: field technicians who work in the heart of the production regions, and a dynamic sales team works closely with its clients. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, a listening ear and solid professionalism, Select’up has established a trusting relationship with 150 producers, sells more than 65,000 tonnes of potatoes every year, and exports to 12 European countries.


Our methods for fair and efficient trade!

Our mission ? Collaborating with producers and packers whilst protecting the interests of all parties involved. We seek to facilitate and ease their trade whilst meeting everybody’s needs, in the best conditions for all.

Our expertise ? Carefully selecting potatoes to supply the finest-quality products possible, all whilst respecting the criteria of our packers and the standards of 12 European countries.

Our philosophy ? Staying close to people and the earth. Promoting rural expertise. We pursue concerted development with our agricultural partners to put in place environmentally-friendly production methods.


Select'up: a solid partner under all circumstances!

The agricultural market is subject to a great many risks – be they environmental, health-related, economic, or other – all of which affect yields. Staying efficient, even in the face of natural disasters, is one of the main challenges. Select’up helps you to optimise your production, whatever the conditions of the current year, and to strengthen your resilience, so that you can bounce back and face these challenges.

In the event of disputes, you can count on our fairness: we are the objective guarantors of the contracts signed between producers and packers, and we undertake to ensure that they are strictly respected. No unpleasant surprises to be had with Select’up! We systematically check the creditworthiness of our clients and only work with insured companies. We also guarantee you secure and fast payments (30 days from end of the ten-day period).