At Select’up, we have potatoes in our blood!

The world of agriculture in our hearts

Select’up is first and foremost a story of passionate individuals! In 2006, Michel Dussurgey and Didier Chaplain, both with a background in agriculture, had a great idea: create their own potato trade company. Their aim was simple: to facilitate and improve transactions between producers and packers while upholding the interests of both.

This attachment to farming-related professions has never left us and is an integral part of who we are!

Driven by passion every day

Select’up continues to extend its network of producers and packers in France and Europe. Joanny Dussurgey, Michel’s son, is now at the helm of the company, always working with Didier Chaplain. Alongside him, 11 expert employees: field technicians who are connoisseurs of their product, who work in the very heart of the regions of production, and a dynamic sales team close to its customers and suppliers.

Our aim remains the same: to germinate new ideas to ensure healthy relationships between producers and packers and guarantee product quality to consumers!

Our values

We have the immense privilege of working in a job which is meaningful, and our philosophy is reflected in all of our actions.


Because potato trading is a highly demanding activity, we strive to offer you the most professional and practical solutions!

Mutual assistance

We pull together no matter what! We are a steadfast and sympathetic partner committed to strengthening the resilience of your farm or packing plant.

Respect for all parties

As intermediaries between producers and packers, we are committed to respecting the wishes of all stakeholders at all times. Perfect understanding between all parties is the cornerstone of our work!


Whatever your projects or constraints are, we constantly strive to find solutions: buying plants, analysing stocks, storage, shipping, packing, and much more.


At Select’up, we like to surprise you and offer simpler, more innovative solutions within tight timescales.

Respect for the environment

Committed to keeping the soil intact, we seek to promote agricultural development alongside our partners in order to establish production methods which are ever more respectful of the environment.


Our great team has always got their eyes peeled!




Production manager


Production manager south zone


Laboratory and certification manager


Purchasing/sales import/export salesperson


Purchasing/sales import/export salesperson


Purchasing/sales import/export salesperson


Purchasing/sales import/export salesperson


Administrative and financial manager


Administration and invoicing department


Administration and invoicing department

Why join us?

Because we have so many solutions to share with you!

Because we love working in a great atmosphere!

Because we simply make life more simple!


The beginning

The story took root in 2006, the brainchild of Michel Dussurgey and Didier Chaplain. One a director of a packing company and the other a cultivation technician, they both understood the problems facing the world of agriculture and the agro-food industry. Together, they decided to join forces to create Select’up, a purchase-and-sale potato trading company.

The aim was to combine sales and techniques to meet the needs of farmers and packers.


10 years old

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of potato sales later, Select’up celebrated its 10th birthday! Building on its openness and professionalism, Select’up had established a relationship of trust with more than 150 producers and marketed more than 45,000 tonnes of potatoes every year.


Construction of a laboratory

In 2017, Select’up inaugurated its laboratory in Marboué, northern France, an ideal and strategic location in close proximity to producers. This new building made it possible to integrate new staff and establish new control protocols to meet the requirements of customers and producers.



Over 250 producers have placed their trust in us! Their products are marketed across 12 European countries. In 2023, the administrative team moved into new premises, bringing all the teams together in one place. Better premises for working in a team, a value highly appreciated by all our employees. Naturally, the teams in Beauce continue to support our farmers on the ground!


Commitment to the collective

In the continuity of the “sector thinking” which is in the very DNA of Select’up, Joanny Dussurgey takes up the proposed challenge by assuming the Presidency of the CNIPT (French national potato board) with the mission of ensuring the cohesion of the sector to set and achieve the common objectives and to accompany the actors for the control of quality.
Always with the will to defend the interests of all actors in the sector, to open the field of possibilities with a fresh look, and an approach sometimes “outside the walls”.