works alongside the major players in the potato industry.

Are you a producer?

We offer turnkey solutions to help you find buyers aligned with your values. From choosing the plants to providing advice and marketing your products, we work with you to make transactions easier and save you time.

Select’up partner producers can be assured of:
  • securing their production;
  • benefiting from guaranteed contracts;
  • selling at a better price.
Our support

Are you a packer?

Select’up meets the needs of European packers by helping them find and secure quality stocks. The potato market holds no secrets for us! We understand the demands of this market and are committed to working with you to find the best solutions.

Select’up partner packers can be assured of:
  • being in touch with an extensive network of producers;
  • enjoying preferential rates;
  • receiving products which meet precise specifications.
Our support

Our key missions

Whether you are a producer or packer, Select’up is there to help you every step of the way!

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Streamlined transactions

We streamline commercial transactions to save you time, make you more efficient and give you peace of mind.

Technical assistance

Our team works close to our production zones, providing advice on your business development as well as technical assistance in all areas.

Promoting French expertise

We strive to protect and promote French expertise, one of our country’s greatest assets.

Our team has the conviction and passion to commit to your business!

Originating in the world of agriculture, our team has been harnessing its enthusiasm, experience and expertise in support of the potato industry since 2006. We are not just potato traders! Our ambition is clear and unambiguous: to build a lasting partnership with you!

Our commitment
shines through our various initiatives designed to:
  • promote sustainable agriculture and protect the soil
  • promote our stakeholders’ farming techniques and expertise
  • market high quality products at the right price in full transparency
The industry
60of potatoes
250have placed their trust in us
1,500of supervised plantations
90 kof potatoes sold