Much more than just traders in potatoes and onions, we provide specialised support to develop and diversify your business through turnkey solutions!

Technical support...

We support you through the entire life cycle of your products, from planting and cultivation through harvesting and storage to shipping and marketing. We provide relevant advice and effective solutions for your business.

  • Surface audit
  • Crop research
  • Production monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Assistance with certification procedures

… coupled with commercial support

Keeping their noses to the ground, our ever-alert team can unearth the right buyers for your products. Our extensive network of European packers ensures that we are always a step ahead of the field, providing you with solutions tailored to the quantity and variety of your potatoes.

  • Streamlined commercial transactions
  • Fair and transparent prices
  • Exports to more than 12 European countries
  • Guaranteed contracts and payments
  • Invoicing and checking transport documents

Our promise:
to root for you every step of the way!

But that’s not all: by choosing Select’up, you are choosing peace of mind and a personalised approach to your crops!

Optimised farming

Surface audit, watering capacity, choice of variety, choice of the right equipment for your crops, our expert-eyed team knows how to analyse your needs and devise the best solutions to optimise your yields.

Secure production

Agriculture is exposed to many risks related to climatic, health and economic factors. We work to secure your production regardless of changing conditions from year to year.

Save time

No more worries about selling your products! Select’up will take care of this, allowing you to focus on your core business: growing potatoes.


Every year, we explore the highways and byways of the French countryside to offer you even greater peace of mind and visibility over your business (guaranteed volumes, technical information, markets located in other regions, etc.)

Certified crops

Access certified crops checked to precise specifications at every stage of the production process.

Simplified procedures

Do you want to develop your activities and obtain new certifications? Finally turn your plans into reality! We are there to guide you through the procedures.

Guaranteed payments

We systematically check the solvency of packers and only work with guaranteed companies, thereby ensuring faster and securer payments.

Sustainable agriculture

With an eye on the quality and integrity of your farmland, we can help you make the transition to more ethical and sustainable agriculture.

Long-term collaboration so you really know your onions!

At Select’up, we see our role as none other than building a close, trusting relationship with our partners. And we are just as excited about it as you are! Since 2006, we have been out and about getting to know our partners better. Our aim? To support you at every stage of the development of your projects!

Select’up is the right partner for:
  • Supervising and optimising your production
  • Finding the right packers for your products;
  • Offering technical expertise to help you grow your business
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is a major pillar of the European potato industry


Our team works before, during and after the production of your potatoes. We provide precise answers to all your problems, however complex or specific they may be. Do you want to develop new varieties? Export across Europe to packers who are aligned with your values? We have more than one trick up our sleeve for you!

Packing and distribution

Now comes the time for packing and marketing your products. We find the right processors and packers who know just how to pamper your potatoes and onions. Whether packed in nets or in bags, potatoes are incredibly versatile and we are there to make the most of that versatility!


Finally, we guarantee quality products that will titillate the taste buds of the most discerning customers! Our eternal love for potatoes drives us to follow their entire life cycle, from the field to the fork!

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60of potatoes
250have placed their trust in us
1 500of supervised plantations

A laboratory in Marboué, a stone’s throw away from your land

To guarantee transparent and objective exchanges between producers and farmers, we carry out regular sampling to ensure compliance with highly strict standards and specifications. Our control lab, situated in Marboué in northern France, allows us to push our quality control process ever further. We can work with a large number of potato varieties offering multiple specific properties.

We have one ambition: to harness our professionalism and goodwill to promote your expertise and simplify your life.


Want to join the adventure?