Acting as an objective intermediary, we liaise between your company and our partner producers in the potato market. In addition, we offer comprehensive solutions to make your daily activity easier!

Availability …

Our team is available and ready to listen throughout the year to find stocks of potatoes which correspond to your projects (scale, variety, quality, quantity, etc.).

  • Negotiated prices
  • Within deadlines
  • Meeting specifications
  • The team is always on the look-out for your needs

... and quality above all!

Attentive to meeting your expectations and those of consumers, our potatoes are put to the test to ensure they respond to taste and aesthetic requirements.

  • Ongoing quality control (dry matter, fry test, tuber cutting, etc.)
  • Transparent stock analysis
  • Compliance with standards
  • Guaranteed traceability

Our promise: to respond quickly to all your needs!

Working with Select’up means choosing a professional partner who streamlines your transactions with producers, ensuring a perfect three-way arrangement!

Consummate knowledge of the market

Our team knows the potato market inside out, including quality criteria and French and European marketing standards. The issues that affect you affect us too!

Wide choice of varieties

Thanks to our extensive producer network, we are able to unearth highly specific stocks of different varieties, including extremely rare ones, in large quantities.

Certified production

All our producers grow certified crops, in other words, potatoes that comply with a series of constrain

Fair and transparent prices

We strive to identify the fairest price in line with changing market conditions. Our experienced team always knows how to make the right estimates.ts and controls throughout the production process.

Assured logistics

More than just a potato trader, we can also offer you practical solutions regarding shipping, storage and final delivery.

French expertise

France is a country of vast fertile fields and multiple producers who are passionate about their jobs. Let’s promote French expertise!

Lasting relationships

As with our producers, we strive to forge strong ties with you in order to build a lasting relationship and respond accurately and efficiently to all your requests!

Well-trained teams

To strengthen our commitment to customer satisfaction and constantly push our expertise further, our team is regularly trained in the latest innovations and legislative changes. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA!

A laboratory to guarantee high quality stocks

To optimise our performance, we can count on a very precious resource: our quality control laboratory, ideally situated at Marboué in northern France. Always up to date with the latest standards, our lab allows us to guarantee the taste, appearance and safety of the food products you purchase.

To ensure optimal transparency, we analyse stocks by reproducing the processes applied at your workstations, using an automated sampling line equipped with an optical sorter to reduce the error margin and increase the depth of analysis.

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Select’up is present at every link in the European potato industry chain.


Growing potatoes is the first link in the chain. Select’up is already involved in this primary stage. We carefully supervise the fields managed by our French producers and farmers. Highly supervised production is the key to a high quality potato and a dispute-free project!


Looking for potatoes and onions? Need a special variety? You’ve come to the right place! Select’up finds the most appropriate stocks of potatoes for your specifications. You will enjoy rates negotiated in a manner respectful to the work of farmers. After that, it’s up to you bring the best out of the potatoes, transform them and then package them!


Once carefully packaged by you, the delicious potatoes make their way to the end consumer’s plate. They head in many different directions, from restaurants to major retail chains! And at Select’up, we guarantee the quality of the end product!

11at your service
60of potatoes
250have placed their trust in us
90 kof potatoes sold

A definite taste for rigour and impartiality

We have been one of Europe’s specialised potato traders for almost 20 years.

More than just a trader, we are also THE company which can unearth the right solutions for packers and processors alike! More than 10 employees from the world of agriculture now working to make your day-to-day life easier!

We understand your needs and requirements and we know how to meet them. Meeting your deadlines and specifications is our priority. Want to know more about our philosophy?

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