You are a packer

Trust Select'up, an objective and competent partner!

With 65,000 tonnes sold to 12 countries across Europe, and with almost fifteen years of experience under our belt, we are well acquainted with the potato market, including its quality criteria and both French and European marketing standards. We would be delighted to meet your needs!

The fairest price

As an impartial link in the potato supply chain, we work with our French, Spanish and Israeli producers to provide you with a tailor-made solution, even for niche varieties or large volumes.

You can always count on our fairness when objectively judging the quality of the batches thanks to our dedicated teams and our laboratory, which is always at the cutting edge of current standards. We are committed to determining the fairest price based on market developments.


Compliance with precise specifications

Select’up has all the technical knowledge needed to ensure that your specifications are complied with to the letter. In order to secure large volumes of potatoes in an impeccable way, we have developed a fully-fledged quality approach which is based on our team’s proven skills in agronomy.

Select’up accompanies you through all the logistical stages of your order. We are able to manage batch selection and shipping, as well as storage or final delivery, all whilst respecting the timeframes and deadlines you provide.


Transparent batch analysis

In our laboratory, we carry out batch analysis by faithfully reproducing the processes applied at your facilities. Our sampling line is fully automated and equipped with an optical sorter, which allows us to reduce the margin of error. Total transparency, resulting in a reduction in the number of disputes…