Our values

The company culture embedded in Select'up’s DNA.


In our business, quality control is essential. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible products. That is why we have chosen to integrate a quality manager and two agricultural technicians into our teams, each of whom are trained every year at the Arvalis Institute and who are always at the forefront of the latest technical developments. Their expertise allows us to go further in terms of potato selection, the development of new skills, and innovation.



We have managed to gain the trust of over 150 producers over the course of 10 years, and that’s because we are fully transparent in all our dealings. Prices are set as fairly as possible in order to meet our clients’ demand, all whilst promoting the value of our growers’ work.



What varieties will be on offer in tomorrow’s world? Our perfect understanding of our clients’ expectations, as well as our technical expertise, allow us to be proactive in the development of new potato varieties and to anticipate market developments and expectations as well as possible.



Do you have a particular need, either in terms of volume, variety or delivery time? Our teams from the agricultural world are able to meet your exact specifications!



We are right there alongside our potato producers, in the field, all year round, and we are proud to maintain a close and trustworthy relationship with them. Our team from the agricultural world regularly advises and supports the farmers we work with on an exclusively long-term basis.