Our quality approach

A strategy that gives our clients total satisfaction!

In order to secure large volumes of potatoes in an impeccable way, we have put in place a fully-fledged quality approach which is based on our team’s proven skills in agronomy.

Certified production, a guarantee of quality

Our producers grow certified plants, i.e. potatoes that comply with a series of restrictions and controls, at all stages of production: from soil analysis before planting to sample analysis at harvest, but also during transportation, storage and packaging.

Certification makes it possible to guarantee the phytosanitary quality of potato plants and their varietal purity. An official blue certification label is affixed to each certified plant: it proves that the control and traceability process has been respected.


Our laboratory, to optimise our performance!

At Select’up, our clients are demanding. But we’re even more demanding. In order to satisfy them, in terms of taste, presentation and food safety, product quality is a priority for us. That is why we have equipped ourselves with a laboratory that allows us to be even more rigorous in our quality approach, whilst following the recommendations and standards of the CNIPT (National Interprofessional Potato Committee).

To guarantee you optimal transparency, we carry out batch analysis by accurately reproducing the processes applied at your facilities, using an automated sampling line equipped with an optical sorter, which allows us to reduce the margin of error.