Which potato are you?

Discover what variety you’re most like!

Focus on potatoes with character!

Draped in yellow, red, or purple, whether Duchesse or Dauphine, dressed in their jackets or dolled up in wedges, the potato is a true beauty!

Each variety loves to show off its bubbly character, making you melt with happiness and leaving you chipper all day!

So, what kind of potato are you?

Take our quiz to find out!


When you wake up in the morning, you feel:

People often say that you are:

When faced with a challenge, you...


You’re a soft-hearted AGATA!

The AGATA is one of the most widely consumed potato varieties. Its tender flesh is ideal for slow roasting and use in stews. You’re just like it: everyone loves you for your sweet nature and you only get better with time!


You’re a CHARLOTTE: firm, yet with a softer side.

Tasty in salads, sautéed or simply steamed, the CHARLOTTE is a potato which stands up incredibly well to cooking. Just like her, you won’t fall apart too easily! They also say that you have the spirit of a leader. The CHARLOTTE is a key variety for those who love a firmer-fleshed potato.


You’re a VITELOTTE NOIRE, as surprising as you are delicious!

One thing’s for sure: the VITELOTTE stands out and gets people talking, with its near-black skin and its vivid purple flesh! It also makes a splash on the plate, as spectacular purple chips or a creamy and colourful mash. You share something of an eccentric side and spread your good mood wherever you go.