The journey of a potato

Follow the busy life of “Miss Patty” and her friends!

Did you know? Before we end up nice and golden brown in your oven, my potato friends – Agata, Mona Lisa, Charlotte, Victoria – and me, “Miss Patty”, have an exciting adventure… I’ll tell you everything!

I start life in the ground...

1. Planting

In spring, once the frosts have passed, I’m planted by the producer, who deposits my plant in the furrows of soil. They then proceed to the mounding stage, which consists of covering me back up with soil. And yes, I am sensitive to light!

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Mmm... they take good care of me!

2. Growing

At the beginning of summer, I start to bloom. Under the ground, my tubers form and will continue to grow steadily. That’s when I need the most care: they feed me, water me, and protect me from insects and diseases. Then it’s time for top killing: they remove some of my leaves and stems to allow me to ripen and develop my skin.

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Here we go! I’m being picked!

3. Harvesting

Here we are, the big day is finally here: I’m harvested by a machine known as – surprise, surprise – a “harvester”! Although my friends, the so-called “early” potatoes, are harvested at the start of spring, other varieties like me are known as “main crop” potatoes, and we stay warm for a little longer.

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Shh... I’m resting!

4. Storage

If I’m not due to be shipped out straight away, I’m stored in dark refrigerators at a temperature of around 6°C and at a controlled humidity level, so as to slow down my germination process. That way, I can stay in “hibernation” for several months, all whilst maintaining all of my exquisite flavour and nutritional qualities. When I’m due to leave, they gently warm me up to a temperature of more than 10°C to reduce my sensitivity to shocks.

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Hehe! Hé ! I’m getting all dolled up!

5. Shipping

Before I can charm you on market stalls or supermarket shelves, I have to be analysed, sorted, classified by size and packed, in box pallets, sacks or bulk containers. Then I get dressed with a label stating my variety, size and origin.

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Pssst! I’m making eyes at you!

6. Distribution

That’s it, I’m ready to tempt you at the greengrocer’s, the market, or on supermarket shelves. You can find me washed, in a net, in a tray, in bulk… My friends and I are so varied in terms of colour, size and variety that you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. Want a little tip? Choose us according to what you want to do with us: boil, mash, roast, fry, etc…

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Oh gosh! I’m chiptastically delicious!

7. On the table

I jump for joy in a sauté pan, glow with happiness in a toasty oven or let my troubles melt away in a nice hot bubble bath… But above all, I’m always tasty, whether I’m creamy on your tongue or pleasantly crunchy between your teeth!

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