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At Select’up, we work with a solid network of more than 150 producers across France to offer our clients the finest potatoes and onions, all whilst fully respecting a scrupulous quality approach.

Our potato and onion varieties

We offer about fifty varieties, divided into two ranges: firm-fleshed potatoes such as Gourmandine or Franceline, and varieties for everyday consumption such as Agata, El Mundo, Orchestra or Bintje, all of which are marketed by Select’up to satisfy all the many and varied demands of the market.

We also have a range of onions to discover: white, red or yellow, carefully selected according to rigorous specifications.

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The journey of a potato

Before finishing its adventure on your plate, your potato goes through a whirlwind journey. Discover all the secrets of the lifecycle of “Miss Amandine” and her friends!

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Which potato are you?

Are you disorganised and make a hash out of everything? Or are you a chatty type who loves waffling on? « et patati et patata… » ? Take our quiz to find out what kind of potato you are!

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