Our commitments

Our measures for prosperous and sustainable agriculture

At Select’up, we are committed to protecting our agricultural land and the women and men who work on it.
Our dedication to the earth, our commitment to more sustainable agriculture and our interest in innovation in potato cultivation all bring us closer to the producers we partner with and help us to foster close relations with them.

Select'up, traders committed to protecting the environment

We are aware that we must take care of our planet so that it can continue to feed future generations.

That is why we have chosen sustainable farming methods and are committed to using our precious agricultural land responsibly in order to preserve the quality of our soils.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of agronomy, we are also involved in varietal development and the search for innovative and eco-friendly methods, so as to respect the environment.


A code of ethics shared by everyone who works with us

We take pride in only collaborating with French producers who share our values and adhere to our code of ethics.

In return, we promise to promote their rural expertise, whatever the conditions of the current year, by offering them a lasting and trusted partnership.

Together, we are working to advance agriculture and develop production practices that are more respectful of both nature and human health.