Analysis laboratory in Marboué (28)

To innovate in batch analysis and ensure more transparency between our customers and our growers

In order to improve the sample analysis process and ensure our impartiality, we had the idea of setting up a laboratory dedicated to this activity.

The classification of our samples is now fully automated. The objective is to be ever more precise and rigorous in order to meet our customers’ new expectations. We can therefore meet their specifications which are more and more precise.

laboratoire select'up pomme de terres

Our laboratory, at the service of growers and packers

The aim of our laboratory is to be able to ensure that contracts signed with growers are objectively respected.

Today we are able to accurately assess the quality and value of their goods. As a result, we can find solutions for them if there is a problem.

As far as packers are concerned, we can:

  • Correctly assess the quality
  • Set a fair price based on the market,
  • Enforce the initial specifications.

Sampling methodology

We asked our major customers what standards and settings are used in the twelve countries we work with. We then made an average per grade, per variety and per production region which suit everyone. Our machine’s optical sorter carries out the size evaluation with an accuracy of 5 mm to 5 mm. It then picks out the waste which is set aside.

Our sampling line is consistent with all our contracts based on CNIPT standards. Our sampling results match those found by our clients within an accuracy of 2%.

Laboratoire d'analyse à Marboué